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Visibility of your CEDAR Account

All of the CEDAR account names are visible to other CEDAR users, by navigating to the /All/Users folder. (Only 100 users are loaded at a time; scroll to the bottom of the page to load more names.)

In fact, because sometimes you may want to share or describe the location of your directory, we encourage you to make sure your user name is unique, and if you have two accounts, to give them different user names. If you want to change an existing user name on an account, please contact us at

If the shared resources include any folders, everything within those folders (recursively) will be shared with the same permissions.

If you share content that you have created in your workspace, anyone who can see your shared resources will also see name of the folder hierarchy within which they live. (They will not be able to navigate into unshared parts of that hierarchy.)

Finally, when you create or update assets, the unique identifier that CEDAR creates for your account is saved in the metadata of the asset. Eventually we may publish a service that provides your account name—and any other profile information you have explicitly shared—to someone who visits the unique identifier. To avoid this, keeping all your work private will prevent anyone from discovering your unique identifier.