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Creating lists in the metadata entry forms for users

There are several ways to present a list of terms for the user to select from in CEDAR. Unfortunately, only one of these (described in previous chapters) is truly semantic. (Eventually we will offer semantic options for all these list types.)

This section serves as a relatively simple review of the types of lists CEDAR supports. In each list type we'll discuss pros and cons unique to that list type.

In the Field Type Reference, you can find listed the 4 field types that can generate lists of answers: Basic Text; Multi-Choice; Checkbox; and Pick From List.

Basic Text

(Values; Suggestions; Hidden; Default)


(Default; no Multiple)


(Default; no Multiple)

Pick From List

(Single Select vs Multi-Select; Default; no Multiple )

Basic Text
Multi-Choice Default; no Multiple
Checkbox Default; no Multiple
Pick From List Single Select vs Multi-Select; Default; no Multiple