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Configure nginx

Configuring nginx for CEDAR would involve a huge amount of editing.

Because of this, we provide ready-made config files that you will need to put in the proper place, and link them under the main nginx configuration.


Once configured, nginx will work without any further intervention. However, it will be useful to understand what it actually does for CEDAR.

nginx config

The way of configuring nginx for CEDAR could be regarded as not totally aligning with the nginx-way (custom directory holding the configs).

However, we decided to go this way for the readability and maintainability.

Copy config files and SSL certificates

cp -R ${CEDAR_DEVELOP_HOME}/os-mirror/development-macos/opt/homebrew/etc/nginx/ \
  $(brew --prefix)/etc/nginx/

Replace user home folder if needed


Please observe, that the nginx config files do not contain any variable interpolation. This is due to nginx intentionally not supporting this easily.

If for some reason your CEDAR_HOME is not /Users/cedar-dev/CEDAR/, please replace this value in all the config files with the proper value from your system.

cd $(brew --prefix)/etc/nginx/cedar/
find . -type f -name '*.conf' -exec sed -i '' s/cedar-dev/YOUR_HOME_FOLDER_NAME_HERE/g {} +