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Install Keycloak event listener

The CEDAR system needs to be notified every time when a login request is performed against the Keycloak authentication module.

In order to accomplish this, we have an event listener in place. This even lister part of the CEDAR code base, and can be found in the cedar-keycloak-event-listener repo.

You will need to install this event listener under Keycloak

Ideally this event listener should be updated all the times when a CEDAR build is performed. However, if there are no changes in the CEDAR codebase which will have an effect on the event listener, it is ok not to update the event listener.

Configure Keycloak

You will need to do this only once:

vi ${CEDAR_KEYCLOAK_HOME}/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml

Around Line #597 add the following <spi> element to the enclosing <subsystem> element (which begins with <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:keycloak-server:1.1">):

<spi name="eventsListener">
    <provider name="CEDAR-event-listener" enabled="true">
            <property name="userEventList" value="[&quot;LOGIN&quot;]"/>
            <property name="userEventCallbackURL" value="http://${env.CEDAR_NET_GATEWAY}:${env.CEDAR_RESOURCE_HTTP_PORT}/command/auth-user-callback"/>
            <property name="adminResourceList" value="[&quot;USER&quot;]"/>
            <property name="adminResourceCallbackURL" value="http://${env.CEDAR_NET_GATEWAY}:${env.CEDAR_RESOURCE_HTTP_PORT}/command/auth-admin-callback"/>
            <property name="linkedDataUserBase" value=""/>
            <property name="apiKey" value="${env.CEDAR_ADMIN_USER_API_KEY}"/>
            <property name="clientId" value="cedar-angular-app"/>
User base domain

You might notice that our user base domain is set to instead of metadatacenter.orgx.

This is actually correct: our team decided that we allow changing the base domain for all the artifacts, but we keep our users under the same base domain.

Deploy the event listener JAR

The following command will copy the event listener into it's proper location:


You can execute this command from any location. This command copies the event listener JAR cedar-keycloak-event-listener.jar from $CEDAR_HOME/cedar-keycloak-event-listener/target/ to ${CEDAR_KEYCLOAK_HOME}/standalone/deployments/.

Deploy event listener

Please deploy the event listener every time a change in its code is performed..

Also please deploy it after each CEDAR release.