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You will need brew to install some components.

Install Homebrew

If you do not have it yet, please install brew following their guide at

Or you can do this:

/bin/bash -c \
  "$(curl -fsSL"

If you run into problems during installation of packages with brew, please read our next section: Fix Homebrew

Update Homebrew

If you had brew installed previously, please update it using:

brew update

Upgrade brewed components

If you have software installed using brew, please upgrade them to their latest version.


This is an important step, do not skip this!

Because of package dependencies, this is actually a very important step. Please really do not skip this. We spent several hours debugging services not starting up. These issues were later fixed by a simple brew upgrade command.

If you need to pin down versions of components, do that before upgrading:

brew pin <formula>

Finally upgrade the packages:

brew upgrade 

Intel vs Apple Silicon

Homebrew changed its install prefix on Apple Silicon from /usr/local to /opt/homebrew. We are using $(brew --prefix) to get the current prefix throughout this guide.


Prefer $(brew --prefix) over hardcoded paths if possible!

If you have path-related errors while you install or run the application, please double check wether you are using the correct brew prefix or not.

Use $(brew --prefix) whenever this is possible.