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CEDAR uses MongoDB as the storage for the CEDAR artifacts: fields, elements, templates and metadata instances.

Install MongoBD

Please install MongoDB Community, version 5.0:

brew tap mongodb/brew
brew install mongodb-community@5.0

And pin this version:

brew pin mongodb-community@5.0

Do not add MongoDB as a background service! We will have scripts in place which will start it when necessary.

Do not start MongoDB at this point!

Start MongoDB without access control

In order to have secure access to MongoDB, we will create a privileged user, a dedicated CEDAR user, and we will turn on access control.

First, we will create a power user. You will need to start MongoDB without access control from the command line.

Please replace the path below with the one applicable to your system:

$(brew --prefix)/Cellar/mongodb-community@5.0/5.0.<patch_version>/bin/mongod \
  --port 27017 \
  --dbpath $(brew --prefix)/var/mongodb

Create privileged user

Once mongoDB is started, in a different terminal connect to it:

$(brew --prefix)/Cellar/mongodb-community@5.0/5.0.<patch_version>/bin/mongo

In this new terminal use the admin collection and create a privileged user:

use admin

    user: "mongoRootUser",
    pwd: "changeme",
    roles: [ { role: "root", db: "admin" } ]


Close this terminal, and stop the running MongoDB by pressing Ctrl + C.

Start MongoDB with access control


Create CEDAR application user

Connect to MongoDB with the previously created user:

$(brew --prefix)/Cellar/mongodb-community@5.0/5.0.<patch_version>/bin/mongo \
  --port 27017 \
  --username "mongoRootUser" \
  --password "changeme" \
  --authenticationDatabase "admin"

Create the user:

use cedar

   user: "cedarMongoUser",
   pwd: "changeme",
   roles: [ "readWrite"]


Restart MongoDB


Check MongoDB status

cedarcli status

You should see the following line in the output:

| MongoDB                    | Running | openPort    |27017|                   |