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Nginx acts as a reverse proxy in front of all CEDAR microservices, frontends, and Keycloak.

As such, each request to CEDAR arrives to nginx on the standard 443 https port. Based on the subdomain in the request, nginx will forward the request to one of the components. Nginx talks on plain http with all the microservices and the frontends. Nginx connects to Keycloak using https.

List of services behind nginx

This table summarizes the services that are proxied by nginx. The microservices are ordered in increasing port number order, which shows the evolution of CEDAR.

The frontend is delivered differently during development than on production.

List of services

The table is provided for better understanding of the infrastructure, it is not required for the installation process.

Subdomain /
repo name
Service type Upstream / content on dev Upstream / content on prod Repo on dev / prod
. Redirect nginx redirect nginx redirect N/A
cedar Frontend gulp on 4200 nginx directory access cedar-template-editor
openview Frontend ng serve on 4220 nginx directory access cedar-openview / cedar-opernview-dist
component Content distribution nginx directory access nginx directory access cedar-component-distribution
auth Keycloak 8443 8443 N/A
artifact Microservice java on 9001 cedar-artifact-server
repo Microservice java on 9002 cedar-repo-server
schema Microservice java on 9003 cedar-schema-server
terminology Microservice java on 9004 cedar-terminology-server
user Microservice java on 9005 cedar-user-server
valuerecommender Microservice java on 9006 cedar-valuerecommender-server
resource Microservice java on 9007 cedar-resource-server
group Microservice java on 9009 cedar-group-server
submission Microservice java on 9010 cedar-submission-server
worker Microservice java on 9011 cedar-worker-server
messaging Microservice java on 9012 cedar-messaging-server
open Microservice java on 9013 cedar-openview-server
internals Microservice java on 9014 cedar-internals-server