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More CEDAR utils

On the previous pages you could have seen some aliases that we are using to get around the CEDAR development environment.

A partial list of these aliases is listed below. For the full list, please inspect the ${CEDAR_DEVELOP_HOME}/bin/util/ script file.

Change to the parent project directory

# aliases to 'cd $CEDAR_HOME/cedar-parent'

Change to the libraries directory

# aliases to 'cd $CEDAR_HOME/cedar-libraries'

Change to the CEDAR project directory

# aliases to 'cd $CEDAR_HOME/cedar-project'

Clean Maven cache

cedarcli clean maven all
# performs to 'rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/'

Please use this command with caution. It will empty your local maven cache. This is desirable when something 'strange' happens during the build process. Strange things can happen if a wrong version of remote or local repo is cached.

Only use this command when you want to start with a clean slate for maven. All the dependencies will be downloaded from remote repos afterwards (and cached locally), resulting in an increased first build time.