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env list

cedarcli env list stands for CEDAR Environment Variables List. You can check the values of all the environment variables that begin with the prefix CEDAR_ in your current environment.

Running env list

Execute this:

cedarcli env list

You should see an output resembling this:

                                                            CEDAR environment variables
┃ Name                                          ┃ Value                                                                                           ┃
│ CEDAR_ADMIN_USER_API_KEY                      │ 0000111122223333444455556666777788889999aaaabbbbccccddddeeeeffff                                │
│ CEDAR_WORKER_STOP_PORT                        │ 9211                                                                                            │
                                                                   180 variables

Debugging env list

If your output looks different, than the one presented above, please go back, and start from beginning. You will need your environment set up correctly before proceeding.

Other env commands


cedarcli env
will present you with the other subcommands related to environment variables. Some examples:
cedarcli env
cedarcli env core
cedarcli env release
cedarcli env filter WORKER