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Start nginx

You can start nginx with our dedicated alias.

User password required

Since nginx listens on a low port (lower than 1024), it requires your password to start up.

You need necessary privileges to start a listener on a low port. If the current user was created as Administrator on a Mac, that would be enough.

Starting nginx without user password

Entering the user's password in every new shell window could be a disturbance. You can circumvent this if you add the scripts that startnginx and stopnginx uses to the sudoers. Edit the sudoers file:

sudo visudo -f /etc/sudoers.d/cedar-dev

Add this line to the file:

cedar-dev ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /Users/cedar-dev/CEDAR/cedar-development/bin/util/services-osx/,/Users/cedar-dev/CEDAR/cedar-development/bin/util/services-osx/

Quicker version - username and CEDAR_HOME

The above assumes that your username is cedar-dev and CEDAR is installed under /Users/cedar-dev/CEDAR/ (value of ${CEDAR_HOME})

If that is not true, change the values in the above command and text

Alternatively you can execute:

echo `whoami` 'ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:' ${CEDAR_HOME}/cedar-development/bin/util/services-osx/,${CEDAR_HOME}/cedar-development/bin/util/services-osx/ 

and add the content to the file opened after:

sudo visudo -f /etc/sudoers.d/cedar-dev

Allow nginx to read CEDAR_HOME

Nginx will serve static content aside of acting as a reverse proxy. In order to achieve this, it will need read privileges for the full path of the CEDAR_HOME.

Please execute the following command to allow it to read your home directory:

chmod o+x /Users/cedar-dev/

Please replace cedar-dev with your own username if you are using a different one!

Start nginx


Check nginx status

cedarcli status

You should see the following line in the output:

| NGINX                      | Running | httpResponse|   80| Server:\snginx    |