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The steps in this section are crucial for the proper installation of CEDAR.

Please execute these steps with great care.

Clone the CEDAR CLI repo

Please go to your previously created CEDAR Docker home folder, and clone the following repo:

git clone

Main vs develop branch

The above command cloned the repo, and set the active branch to main.

We suggest that you use the latest code from the develop branch at the moment.

cd cedar-cli
git checkout develop

Configure the CLI

Execute these commands to create a Python virtual envrionment, activate it and install the requirements:

cd ~/CEDAR_DOCKER/cedar-cli
python -m venv ./.venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Add CEDAR_HOME env var and cedarcli alias

Edit your bash profile script:

vi ~/.zshrc

Add these lines at the end:

alias cedarcli='source $CEDAR_HOME/cedar-cli/'

Reload your shell

Reload your shell by closing and opening it again, or by sourcing your profile