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Transfer the ownership of several CEDAR artifacts

If you would like to transfer the ownership of several CEDAR artifacts to another person, follow the steps below.

The artifacts will be moved under the other person's home folder during this process.

  1. Make sure that all the documents that you want to transfer are in a separate folder.
  2. For each artifact:
    1. Open the context menu.
    2. Open Share…
    3. In the With people section, in the text field which says enter user name start entering the other person’s name. Once the name shows up, click on it.
    4. Next to this field, in the dropdown select owner.
    5. Click on the OK below the name.
    6. On the right you will see that the owner has been changed.
    7. You can close this dialog now.
  3. Once all the artifacts are transferred to the other person, share the enclosing folder with write capabilities with the other person.
  4. The other person should log into CEDAR, and click the Shared with Me in the left menu.
  5. Locate the folder that was shared with you. Inside of it there will be the artifacts that now belong to you.
  6. For each of them, open the context menu, and using the Move to… dialog, move the artifact to a folder under your home directory.